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C.R.A. Conservación y Restauración de Arte is a firm of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in the conservation and restoration of cultural property. Since 1991, the team at C.R.A. has worked closely with the Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute (IAPH) on a number of important projects, including the study and conservation of the Flemish painting collection at the Royal Chapel of Granada and the restoration of the chapel’s main altarpiece. Additionally, the firm has handled several extremely important interventions for the archdiocese of Granada, as well as for different public administrations, institutions, museums and private collections. The working methodology at C.R.A. is based on a systematic historico-artistic, scientific and technological research process that draws on a thorough understanding of both the construction techniques involved and the causes and phenomena behind deterioration in different works of art. All of the interventions done at the C.R.A. workshop undergo rigorous quality control procedures at every step of the process and abide by international conservation standards. The goal of conservation- restoration interventions is not to transform the cultural property into a new object, but rather to guarantee and conserve the traces of the passage of time for future generations, always with the utmost respect for the artwork.

Most outstanding works


Restoration of Aparición de la Virgen a San Jacinto, oil on canvas, Pedro de Raxis. Granada Museum of Fine Arts, 1997/1998.

Restoration of San Juan de Capistrano y San Bernardino de Siena, Santa Clara de Asís y San Luis Obispo de Tolosa and San Pedro Bautista, promártir de Japón, Alonso Cano.Granada Museum of Fine Arts, 2001

Restoration of Cristo Eucarístico, panel painting, Alonso Cano, Granada Museum of Fine Arts, 2001-2002.

Polychromed sculpture

Restoration of La Santa Parentela, polychromed wooden sculptural group, Bernabé de Gaviria, 17th c. Royal Chapel of Granada, 2003-2004.

Restoration of La Dolorosa y Ecce Homo,polychromed wooden sculptures, José de Mora, 17th c. Royal Chapel of Granada, 2003-2004.

Restoration of San Juan de Capistranopolychromed wooden sculpture, Pedro de Mena, 17th c. Royal Chapel of Granada, 2004.


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